Blogs are replacing "the Mall", the meeting place of the older generation. They are a place to be seen, discuss, share, find out etc. You can let your friends and colleagues know of your presence and they can meet you there, leave comments or just lurk. Blogs can have a professional and/or social purpose. We can all use these sites to create our own on-line presence.

As teachers/librarians we can to embrace these tools, link learning into our students' environments and couple our wisdom with their world.

biga_bookworm_color.gifThank you to Rhonda Wills of McLurg Elementary School
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
for generously sharing the following sites with us.

Check out the Regina Public School Library wiki
How About Adding A Comment below one of her article at the **Mustang Book Blog**?

Note: Being involved in primary schools. I have a preferred blogging tool for student use. Classblogmeister offers a much safer environment for primary aged students than many blog tools. The whole class and each learner within
it can have their own blog space with nothing appearing on site until approved by the teacher.

Thank you to Sheila May-Stein, MLIS,of Karen Rachel Hurwitz Library,
Community Day School, Pittsburgh, PA
who kindly offered us an invitation to visit too.
Please let Sheila know you have visited.
Click on this link to see what her students are reading
Sheila writes -
ZZZZZZAs a K-8 librarian, I am always looking for ways to engage my students with text. gives my students a safe, fun opportunity to critically engage text,
ZZZZZZas they are required to blog about authors, illustrators, books, short stories, poetry and book awards.
ZZZZZZThey are using Blogmeister as a fund raiser as well. They are participating in a read-a-thon
ZZZZZZfor which they have to obtain sponsors who donate by the number of pages they have read.
ZZZZZZThe students prove that they are reading by blogging about what they read.
ZZZZZZSponsors can follow the kids' progress by reading their blogs.
ZZZZZZStudents also read each other's posts for ideas about what to read next.
ZZZZZZBlogmeister is a cornerstone of my library instruction this year. I am so grateful it exists!

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