Creating Kids' Lit Quiz Experts - training strategies for librarians and teachers

A SLANZA Conference 2013 Workshop presented by Gerri Judkins and Julie Huggins from Southwell School.
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Twenty two years ago Wayne Mills created the 'Sport of Reading' - the Kids' Lit Quiz.
Now there are regional heats in seven countries, National Finals and a World Final, this year held in Durban, South Africa.
The Kids' Lit Quiz is an opportunity for like-minded children to come together and share their passion for reading.
The challenge facing librarians and teachers is how to turn "good readers" into discerning, wide readers.

Participants in the quiz need to read and digest contemporary fiction, myths, legends, folklore, classics, poems, nursery rhymes, fables and comics.
They study illustrators, authors and novels from the 1950s through to today, becoming children's literature experts.
How do librarians make the process fun, and create teams which have the best possible combined knowledge?
Answers to these questions can be found in this session.

High schools can capitalise on the students' expertise and take it further. Let us share with you some ways to keep the ball rolling through Years 9-13.

Come along to this workshop with Gerri and Julie for a fun Lit Quiz session and go away with game ideas, quiz questions and prizes ready to foster insatiable readers.

Kids’ Lit Quiz Resources

Included are a variety of pdfs, Publisher and Word documents so you can use them as is or adapt to create your own.
Enjoy Taboo, Illustrator Memory Cards, Pictionary Cards, a Literature Board Game, Literature’s Most Wanted Villains, Read Your Way Around the World, and Reading Travel Posters.