20 March
9:00am – 4:00pm
SLANZA/LIANZA Workshop Day at Melville High School

‘Lifting Professional Standards’

Keynote Speaker Barbara Garriock LIANZA President;
'Journaling for Professional Development' a panel discussion and
'Advocacy and Assertiveness' with Bridget Schaumann, Librarian at Kings' High School Dunedin.
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Notes from the Workshop by Gerri Judkins.

Those who attended the joint SLANZA/LIANZA Seminar 'Lifting Professional Standards' at Melville High School, Hamilton on 20 March were both informed and entertained. We appreciated Jan Matthews hospitality and the organisation undertaken by Linda McCullough.

LIANZA President, Barbara Garriock, spoke of the importance of librarians being strong in self knowledge, respect, reliance and confidence. They should be engaged and active in the library world and be professional. In the re-registration journey she suggested make a start, beginning with a chronological record of professional development and resulting reflections, then consider which bodies of knowledge (boks) are relevant. It is easier to make your own template rather than use the one on the LIANZA site, but do look at the sample journal for ideas of how it can be done. The relevant section of the new look website is:

After morning tea Barbara was joined by Joan Gibbons (LIANZA) and Bethlehem College librarian Jude Cosson for a discussion on aspects of journaling. Joan showed how the 2010 Waikato Children's Literature Association AGM could be applied to four 'boks'. It was reccomended to make journaling a regular, scheduled activity.

Bridget Schauman spoke after lunch on 'Advocacy and Assertiveness'. She talked of the importance of mingling and marketing, of collaboration with all in the school community, being involved in staff meetings and professional development opportunities (like SLANZA meetings) and 'lion roaring not mouse squeaking'! See more of her ideas soon on our regional SLANZA Wiki and SMILE. This regional Wiki arose out of our first Web 2.0 seminar with Lorraine Watchorn. It is different from the National SLANZA Wiki. Enjoy both!

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