SLANZA Waikato/Bay of Plenty Workshop & AGM
'The 21st Century Reader'
Saturday, 8th May 2010, 9:30 am
Whakatane High School,
Goulstone Road, Whakatane

‘Nurturing the life-long reader’
10:00am Gerri Judkins, Librarian, Southwell School

Gerri, Librarian at Southwell School, will be presenting this
session ‘Nurturing the Lifelong Reader’ at the IASL
Conference in Brisbane in September. She will be highlighting
ways in which to connect students with books to feed their
minds and souls – books that give them a greater appreciation
of the wonders of the world – its science, history and possible
futures, the people who inhabit it and their relationships. Along with the NZ
Book Council Writers in Schools scheme and Wayne Mills’ Kids Lit Quiz will be
ideas from the Southwell Library programme, other NZ librarians and from the
2009 IASL Conference in Italy.
Bring along your favourite strategies to share…

11:20am SLANZA Waikato/Bay of Plenty AGM
Apologies; Minutes from previous AGM; Chairperson’s Report; Financial Report;
Election of Officers for Regional Committee for 2010-20111; General Business

‘E-books : Who? What? When? Where? Why?’
11:40am Linda McCullough, National Library

Linda, a School Services Adviser for National Library, has
been investigating ‘The Nuts and Bolts’ of e-books’ – who’s
going to use them; what are the advantages/disadvantages;
when are they useful; where can you get them (where would
you use them?); and why do we need to know about them?
As schools get to grips with all sorts of digital literacies, this is
another medium we need to think about…