Step 1 - To Join This Wiki

  • You first have to get a free ID with wikispaces. In the upper right of your browser window you should see Join - click that and you can create your account. Just enter 3 things: User Name, Password, Email Address. You will need to use your real name as the user names. You can't use a blank space when you do this, but you can use an underscore... so if your name is "Glenn Smith" you can make your user name Glenn_Smith.

  • Once a wiki member you can simply click "Join This Space" at the top of the Navigation Bar (to the left of this panel) to request membership to this SLANZA wiki. Then click on "Request Membership"

  • Finally, go to the upper right of your browser and click on the word Settings and then post a little picture of yourself. That way when we're marveling at who contributed to the fabulous content, we can see your charming smile!

Step 2

Once you are part of the wiki, you will be able to ...
  • Use the Navigation links to the left to jump to the appropriate link
  • Use the Discussion page behind each page in this wiki to begin or join a discussion forum. How about simply introducing your self first. Click on the discussion tab above and post your message.
  • Add content. Select the Edit this page in order to do this.


Step 3

Now to put this to good use....

"How can Web 2.0 Tools help us in our quest to encourage students to read and enjoy books?"